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  1. Downtown GR Now Accepting Winter Ready Grant Applications

    Funds available to support outdoor commercial activities in cold weather.
  2. Downtown GR Establishes Winter-Ready Grant Program

    Funds now available to support outdoor commercial activities in cold weather.
  3. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: September 2020

    Approved funds for tree plantings, winter decor and transit-oriented developments.
  4. Downtown GR Seeks Qualified Website Builder

    Professionals sought to build Downtown Neighbor Network platform.
  5. Downtown GR Seeks Proposals for Winter Art Installations

    Qualified professionals sought to activate public spaces for the months of January and February 2021.
  6. Grand Rapids, MI Seeks Proposals to Rehab Waterfront Public Space

    Qualified professionals sought to redesign Lyon Square and Lyon Street.
  7. Downtown Grand Rapids Seeks Festive Lighting Vendor

    Qualified professionals sought to light up Downtown winter and year-round.
  8. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: July 2020

    Approved funds for a special event, air quality monitoring.
  9. “Women’s Way” Mural Work Begins

    Original creative works will honor and showcase local women leaders.
  10. DGRI Now Accepting Applications to Repair Damaged Business Storefronts

    Grant funds available for window repairs, replacements.