Collective Vision

We work hard to bring together every perspective in Grand Rapids in an effort to define a collective vision for Downtown. We do this through our lecture series, community roundtables, and monthly meetings of our boards and alliances. These meetings are open for anyone to attend, listen, and share. To be successful in making Downtown the place this community deserves we need to hear every voice. Consider this an invitation to share yours.

All meetings listed here are free and open to the public. To help make your experience a rewarding one, there are a few tips that you should know.

Public Meeting Tips

  • Each meeting has a different focus and asks for different ways to contribute. Please review their agendas to see if the discussion topics match your interests.
  • Other meetings we have listed focus on a specific project and will vary in topic and schedule.
  • There is seating for the public at all meetings. It will usually be located near the rear.