Citizens play an important role in the health and spirit of a community. With a steadily growing population of people living Downtown, residents increasingly seek new and more opportunities to connect with neighbors, share information, discuss key issues and ultimately build community across Downtown. 

This movement among interested residential stakeholders - both homeowners and renters - is new in Downtown, as the "neighborhood" has essentially served as 9-to-5 business district with few residents since the mid-1900s. 

Today the neighborhood counts ~5,000 residents - a population anticipated to double in the next decade.

The Downtown Residents Network is an initiative Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. organizes in close collaboration with emerging Downtown resident leaders. The goal is to provide a forum for socializing, learning, organizing and ultimately deeper citizen engagement in the work of building a high quality of life in Downtown 24/7.

This page includes information about the Downtown Residents Network's activities and initiatives. Interested to learn more and/or get involved? Drop an email to DGRI's Stakeholder Engagement Specialist Annamarie Buller. 

Bike Share Focus Group

The Downtown Resident Network on October 25, 2017 hosted an overview presentation and focus group discussion about the potential for a bike share system serving Downtown Grand Rapids. 

Click here to view the power point presentation. (PDF)

An Evening with Downtown Developers

The Downtown Resident Network on September 6, 2017 hosted a conversation with local real estate professionals about the various development projects underway Downtown. Participants included:

  • JD Loeks, President/CEO at Celebration! Cinema
  • Mike Mraz, Managing Partner of Real Estate Development at Rockford Construction
  • Jason Wheeler, Public Relations Coordinator at Orion Construction
  • Josh Naramore, Mobile GR Manager at City of Grand Rapids

Kristopher Larson, President/CEO of Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. facilitated the conversation. He also opened the panel discussion with an overview of how development happens and a summary of Downtown projects

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