AFL Alliance for Livability

The Alliance for Livability is a citizen-led council that advises the DGRI management staff on projects related to cleanliness and safety, mobility, beautification, and asset management. The Alliance brings together people with different knowledge, perspectives, and backgrounds to solve problems, identity opportunities, and support the day-to-day work of improving Grand Rapids' central city.

Appointed by the DGRI Board of Advisors, members typically have personal interest and/or professional expertise in public safety, transportation planning, landscape architecture, design, housing and urban living. The Alliance meets monthly and provides the DGRI management staff with critical input that drives organizational budgets, programs, events, projects, incentives, and services.

Board Members

  1. Shaun Biel

    Spectrum Health

  2. Trevor Bosworth

    Viridis Design Group

  3. Ben Bozek

    Michigan Department of Transportation

  4. Asante Cain

    Grand Rapids Public Library

  5. Lamont Cole

    Grand Rapids Urban League

  6. Amy Cogswell


  7. Robert Dean

    Grand Rapids Children's Museum

  8. Joe Elliott

    RDV Corporation

  9. Christian Frank

    FOX 17

  10. Erika Hanson

    Central District Cyclery

  11. Johannah Jelks


  12. Nicole Kosheba

    Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber

  13. Lynn Locke

    Disability Advocates of Kent County

  14. Lance Marconi

    Business Owner/Manager

  15. Jon Oeverman

    City of Grand Rapids

  16. Haley Patrone

    Start Garden

  17. Kelli Jo Peltier

    Make-A-Wish Michigan

  18. Marcia Rapp

    Block by Block

  19. Jenn Schaub

    Dwelling Place

  20. Jay Schrimpf

    Heartside Neighborhood Collaboration Project

  21. Rachel Tamez


  22. Aaron Terpstra

    City of Grand Rapids

  23. Regina Bradley

    Dwelling Place