AFI Alliance for Investment

The Alliance for Investment is a citizen-led council that advises the DGRI management staff on projects related to infrastructure, real estate development, urban planning, and economic development. The Alliance brings together people with different knowledge, perspectives, and backgrounds to solve problems, identity opportunities, and support the day-to-day work of improving Grand Rapids' central city.

Appointed by the DGRI Board of Advisors, members typically have personal interest and/or professional expertise in real estate, accounting and finance, urban planning, housing, and economic development. The Alliance meets monthly and provides the DGRI management staff with critical input that drives organizational budgets, programs, events, projects, incentives, and services.

Board Members

  1. Nick Monoyios, Chair

    The Rapid

  2. James Botts, Vice-Chair

    Grand Rapids Public Library

  3. Meagan Carr


  4. Rick DeVries

    City of Grand Rapids

  5. Santiago Gomez

    Independent Realtor

  6. Kristian Grant

    Local Business Owner/Manager

  7. Tansy Harris

    Heritage Hill Association

  8. Dave Hill

    Kreis Enderle

  9. Rachel Hood


  10. Landon Jones

    Wolverine Building Group

  11. Ryan Kilpatrick

    Michigan Economic Development Corporation

  12. Nick Koster

    CWD Real Estate

  13. Ning Liu


  14. Ted Lott


  15. Mark Miller

    Nederveld, Inc.

  16. Traci Montgomery


  17. Kirt Ojala

    CD Barnes Construction

  18. Kevin Patterson


  19. Brianna Vassquez de Pereira

    Kent School Services Network

  20. Sarah Rainero

    Michigan Economic Development Corporation

  21. Dave Riley

    The Right Place

  22. Mark Roys

    CSM Group

  23. Phil Skaggs

    City Commissioner, East Grand Rapids

  24. Art Sebastian


  25. Lori Staggs

    Grand Valley State University

  26. Jay Steffen

    City of Grand Rapids

  27. Tom Tilma


  28. Roberto Torres

    Hispanic Center of Western Michigan

  29. Rick Winn

    Amway Hotel Corporation

  30. Kara Wood

    City of Grand Rapids